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Easily Automate Multiple Sales Channels
For selling complicated telecom services, many times face to face contact is needed to understand specific customer requirements. In addition, many carriers require signed contracts to initiate fulfillment. These requirements limit the range and the growth possibilities for many Agents.

However, forward thinking carriers have adopted online sales portals and electronic signatures in order to reach more customers and to accelerate sales in a highly competitive market.

PowerToolsCRM takes advantage of those trends to offer a paperless sales solution for the telecom sales process.
Personal Sales Portals

Every person with an account is given a Private Sales Portal. No other salesperson can see the leads of another. Only the administrator for the sub-organization or the agent administrator can see the seller portal. We integrate different selling methods based on how the private portal is filled and how leads are accessed.

Leads can be added to the agent's portal in a number of ways:
  • one at a time,
  • uploaded from a spreadsheet,
  • transferred from the Lead Generator,
  • transferred from a Lead Manager Campaign Profile
  • transferred from an appointment setter (Face to Face Reps)
  • transferred from a referral partner

Agents can leverage the seller portals based on the selling method:
  • Face to Face reps, utilize CRM tools to track their sales opportunities through to closure, and take advantage of our online document library to generate prepopulated contracts for their appointments.

  • Appointment Setters, can cold call leads from their portal and fill out an Appointment Sheet which captures pertinent information. The lead is then transferred to an Appointment Distributor for evaluation. The lead is then matched with the appropriate sales rep. This process can be customized in many ways.

    Call center based Appointment Setters leverage auto dial or predictive dial systems that pop our appointment sheet on a successful call. The appointment continues to the distributor.

  • Home Based Reps will close the sale electronically or appointment set if a premise visit is required. They call the leads from their lead portal. They can leverage our Order Wizard component to create online quotes and prepopulated contracts.

  • Call Center based Sales Agents (telesales) will leverage predictive dial systems that pop our online quoting engine for providing quick quotes to customers. They leverage non-technical online forms that generate the required carrier contracts that can be eFaxed or eMailed to the client. These contracts can also support eSignatures if allowed by the carrier for a completely paperless process.

One portal manages sales organizations that can be distributed anywhere in the country. Carriers usually have a regional footprint, however, sales calls can be made from anywhere as long as the sales agent has the proper tools to generate an accurate quote & create appropriate documents (if necessary). PowerToolsCRM:
  • Extend the interfaces to complex carrier tools to provide critical information to all seller types.
  • Integrates with manual, auto, or predictive dial systems to increase sales performance.
  • Gives a reseller multiple sales channels that they can leverage as just another business option without the need to invest in additional software.
  • Feeds all information into a simple centralized system for sales tracking.

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