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Specialized Telecom CRM Solutions For as Low As $50/user/month
Find Successful Campaigns Quickly!
When you are in tough competition with many other Agents for the same customers, you must make every contact count and develop intelligent strategies for attacking the market. PowerToolsCRM gives you:
  • Geographic Diversity.
    Don't just sell in the same area; sell throughout your carriers territory by either opening remote offices or via telesales or referral partners. PowerToolsCRM allows you to manage them all in one tool.
  • Lead Sorting & Classification Tools
    Segment your lead base based on the criteria that was discovered about the lead including qualifications, current carrier, or by promotional campaigns.
  • Reporting
    PowerToolsCRM Analytics generates useful reports that track the processes that you are attempting to execute, helping you to answer the question: Is this campaign successful or not?

PowerToolsCRM Alalytics
Below are a sample of the charts that PowerToolsCRM generates in real time. These reports give you at a glance up to the minute status of the performance of your organization, sub agents, or salespeople. More reports are being added weekly and custom reports can be generated on request.