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Generate Accurate Pricing Quotes Online
Depending on the size of the carrier, pricing information can be made available using spreadsheets, desktop applications, or through a secure portal that contains pricing for all services. To assemble a price quote, the agent usually has to use multiple data sources and match the customer location to locate appropriate pricing.

PowerToolsCRM provides tools to bridge the gap between the quoting tools that carriers have available and the quote generation speed necessary to take advantage of multiple sales channels. If it takes 20 minutes to generate a simple quote then you have reduced the efficiency of every sales method in use because the quoting process becomes a bottleneck.

Some of the difficulty comes from the fact that telecom pricing may be location (state/rate group) or distance sensitive. We have designed a tool called the Order Wizard that provides a paperless quoting process:
  • Integrated quoting of multiple telecom services.
  • Scripting capability for telesales usage (reduces training cost)
  • Provides specific pricing based on customer phone number or state/rate group.
  • Integration with carrier Customer Record retrieval to populate existing phone numbers. (if supported)
  • Integration with DSL Qualification interfaces. (if supported)
  • Supports promotions and other carrier specific pricing incentives.
  • Supports creation of multiple alternative quotes.
  • Delivers online quotes via eFax or eMail.


  • The Order Wizard Quoting Tool integrates the functions of multiple carrier systems into a single online tool that can now be made available to any authorized seller, anywhere in the world in a secure manner.
  • The Agent can be sure of accurate pricing because we update the pricing in communication with carrier sales management.
  • The Salesperson can leverage the online quoting tool to generate accurate price quotes in just a few minutes while in conversation with the customer.
  • The information collected by the quoting tool can also be used to generate order & commission information for auditing carrier sales reports for accuracy.

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