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Automatically Generate Payment Records
When multiple agents are working on a deal, with appointment setting, or manager splits involved it can be very difficult to manage who gets paid what, especially in the large distributed organizations that PowerToolsCRM users grow to have.

PowerToolsCRM Payment Manager uses the tracking information generated on each order that was placed, coupled with specialized rules to generate payment items for various scenarios, such as:
  • Appointment Setting
    In an appointment setting scenario, the appointment setter may be paid a flat rate or a percentage of the order commission. A Payment Rule can be set in the Payments Manager to target the Appointment Setter on the deal and create a payment record for the flat fee or commission percentage that they should receive.
  • Manager Overrides
    If a manager is involved in the deal; he/she may receive a commission override or bonus. A Payment Rule can be created that targets the manager associated with a particular order and generates the appropriate payment record.
  • Variable Salesperson Commission
    In the two cases listed above, the sales person commission is reduced when there is an appointment setter on the deal or if a manager has to be involved. The Salesperson is going to get the highest commission when he/she completes the deal by themselves. Payment Rules can be created to capture these scenarios and the appropriate rule will be executed depending on the employees involved in the order.
  • Volume Bonuses
    A commission rate may depend on the sales volume generated by the salesperson. The payment rules can generate when such volume targets are reached and calculate the additional volume bonus received.
  • Partial Payments
    Sometimes the salesperson is paid a percentage of their commission up front and the rest when the order completes. In some cases they may be paid 100% up front. The Payment Rules can specify how much of the commission is applied and generate an up front payment record and automatically generate a final payment item when the order reaches completion.


  • Payment records are updated whenever the Order changes. As a result they are always current.
  • Payment Rules are straightforward and easy to implement, but sophisticated to capture your particular payment strategy.
  • Paying your reps now consists of reviewing the generated payment rules for the orders submitted by the reps and plugging that amount into your accounting tool.
  • Salespeople can now track their own payments online. If a payment record has been generated for an order then this amount is associated with the order in the salespersons private portal.