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Submit Orders Electronically to Carrier Systems
Based on the capabilities of the carrier, order submission could be as easy as typing the information into an web based portal with electronic signature and order confirmation at the end of the process, to phone or fax based communication of order information. PowerToolsCRM provides tools to automate the order submission process to the carrier's ordering system.

Efficient Data Collection
In some sales models, the sales person, call center rep, or closer collects the sale information then passes the order on to the "back office" where the order is submitted for fulfillment. In other models, the more sophisticated closer submits the order him/her self.

PowerToolsCRM increase the accuracy of the submission process by creating a special order wizard that collects the required information that is needed to for successful submission into the fulfillment system at the point of sale. As a result, accurate information is obtained and the order submitter does not have to locate both seller and customer to get additional information.

Electronic Order Submission

The level of order submission automation needed depends on the interfaces that the carrier provides for submitting orders. If the interface is:
  • Phone or Fax:
    PowerToolsCRM can generate the necessary order forms and fax them into the carrier using the electronic fax service. Documents can be reviewed online by your administrator or printed for phone orders.
  • Web Based Portals:
    Since we collect the required information upfront, PowerToolsCRM can accelerate submission into the ordering tool using a component called the Submission Engine, reducing typing time and potential errors. The operator still moves through the screens within the portal but our submission engine automatically populates the form fields. Hard copy attachments can still be done manually.
  • Bulk Order Submission
    For ordering systems that provide Application Programming Interfaces or electronic means of submitting all order information at once, PowerToolsCRM can communicate with their systems and push the order information into the system in the required format. This would create a single button order submission process for maximum efficiency.


  • Reduces the time it takes to submit orders into the carriers system.
  • Reduces errors, typos and miscommunication because required fields are collected by the people who close the sale.
  • Integrates with multiple carrier backends from a single order screen.
  • Supports multiple levels of submission based on the capability of the carriers.