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Reconcile Orders, Spot Payment Errors Fast
It is the responsibility of the Agent to audit the payment records received from the Carrier to make sure that they are being properly compensated for the products that are being ordered.

For successful Agents, such payment records can run into tens and thousands of records, all specified using sometimes cryptic USOCs, abbreviations, and implementation details that are difficult to understand, much less reconcile with the orders submitted.

Our Solution
PowerToolsCRM provides an Audit module that can help automate the reconciliation process and help identify underpayments from the carrier.
  • When orders are specified in PowerToolsCRM, a tracking record is created that captures ongoing status information about the order.
  • When the reconciliation reports arrive, this information is used to correlate our tracking order with the actual carrier order.
  • Discrepancies can be located quickly and a report generated to submit to the carrier for analysis.


  • Using the computer to match reconciliation records with orders can save hours of work.
  • A discrepency report is generated to help you determine if there was an error in order submission or payment.
  • Auditing can take place as interim reconciliation files are downloaded instead of having to wait for a final file.
  • Reports can be generated to track payment trends over time.