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Generate, Distribute, and Track Leads Efficiently
Without a lead there is no sale. Unlike most CRM tools that only give you a place to store the leads that you generate on your own, PowerToolsCRM Lead Generator allows your agents to generate their own leads online.

Our Lead Generator Module leverages search engine technology to allow your agents to search for specific businesses in target neighborhoods, and qualify those leads using qualification tools that are provided by the telecom carrier. We provide the integration and you generate your own leads, free! Purchasing comparable leads, if the lead vendor could provide the specialized information, could cost over 20 cents per lead.

Usage Example:
One client found that the lead list provided to him had a larger than expected number of disconnected numbers that hampered his appointment setting campaign. Though the lead generator is designed for individual agent use, he assigned one agent to generate & qualify leads for other employees. We enhanced the lead generator to support this type of usage and he was able to increase the number of appointments generated per day by his appointment setters.
Lead Classification & Distribution
Many organizations with sub agencies or multiple offices are at the mercy of the number of leads that the remote offices can generate on their own, and as a result their sales are unpredictable. An advancement might be to distribute EXCEL spreadsheets of leads but it is difficult to track whether the leads are being processed efficiently OR if they have just been stolen for use in someone elses business.

The PowerToolCRM Lead Manager classification and distribution component can allow your staff to:
  • Centrally manage from thousands to millions of leads electronically.
  • Classify those leads by any lead field (state, zipcode, qualifications, etc) to create profiles.
  • Campaign Profiles can be created to identify leads with a particular set of criteria.
  • Profiles can be used to assign leads to individual sales reps or sub-organizations.
  • Agents are notified that they have received leads and access them from their private sales portal.
  • All interactions with the leads can be tracked centrally through the management portal.

Usage Example:
Some carriers provide lead scrubbing services to their authorized partners. We work closely with the carrier sales team to manage those leads for one or more partners. We can load millions of leads into the private lead database of each PowerToolsCRM portal that the partner can classify and distribute according to their business strategy.

A partner can purchase a list from an external list vendor. We load that list into the Lead Manager to allow them to classify and distribute, or for integration with call center campaigns.

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