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Specialized Telecom CRM Solutions For as Low As $50/user/month
PowerToolsCRM Enterprise Edition
PowerToolsCRM Enterprise edition is targeted towards the larger enterprise (21-100 reps) and supports multiple call centers and sub agencies.


PowerToolsCRM Enterprise Edition is priced at:
  • $ 7500 set up fee,
  • a monthly fee starting at $ 30/user/month.
  • (50 seat minimum commitment)

eg. An agent who purchases 50 users will pay $ 7500 upfront and $ 1500/month, which may be equivalent to the commission on one or two sales.

The monthly fee can be reduced based on quarterly or annual commitment levels.

You receive:
  • Your very own private label portal with secure databases for storing your content. Our Databases Are Not Shared Between Implementations. No one will accidentally see your private data due to a software bug or configuration problem.
  • PowerToolsCRM forms will be customized according to your sales process. We will perform more customization under this system level than on the workgroup level.
  • We will configure and load your leads in the Lead Source database, which provides high performance search and retrieval of millions of leads.
  • We will provide initial training to your sales team and subagents and ongoing support.
  • We will provide Lead Scrub Management services at no additional cost.
  • We will provide Automated DNC Scrubbing at no additional cost.

Additional Services Include At an additional cost
  • Lead Generation Services.
    Using our automated tools we have the ability to generate leads in various geographical regions for use in your campaigns. Our prices are very competitive. Call for more details.
  • Customization Services
    Develop additional modules or enhancements to your portal. Enhancements can be private modules added to your portal only, or suggested enhancements that are shared with all customers.
  • Call Center Integration
    $ 1000/call center to implement any software changes to integrate with dialers or for initial launch support and training.