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Integrate with Popular eFax Services
For face to face sales that require contracts, a salesperson often prints the agreements and takes them to the customer site.

To scale your sales operations to increase customer contacts in a cost effective manner often requires the use of call centers or processes that leverage electronic distribution of contract documents to increase your sales opportunities.

PowerToolsCRM seamlessly integrates with eFax or eMail services to transmit your contract proposal and agreements to your potential clients. This increases the efficiency of your sales processes and removes one more opportunity for errors and delays.

How it Works
  • Most eFax services provide an Email2Fax service that allows the documents that are to be faxed be transmitted to the fax service as attachments on a specially formatted email.
  • PowerToolsCRM implements powerful email capabilities and once your selected contracts have been generated it can send those contracts to the fax service as an attachment.
  • Once your contracts are received by the fax service they are queued and then faxed to the client fax machine.
  • The fax service then sends a notification back to the PowerToolsCRM fax email box. The notification email will show the status of the fax transmission. The email is read by the system and transmitted back to the seller.


  • Your contract documents remain electronic until the time faxing takes place. Only then are physical documents generated by the system to transmit.
  • Errors and inefficiencies are reduced because contracts do not have to printed and faxed.
  • Provides access to electronic faxing services by any agent in any particular sales configuration.
  • Supports multiple fax services.
  • Incoming eFax documents are bundled into a single PDF file for easy transmission to the carrier for fulfillment.