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PowerToolsCRM Hosted Contact Center
Many of our customers need dialing solutions for outbound and inbound dialing. External solutions can be very expensive. The PowerToolsCRM Hosted Contact Center integrates a VOIP based dialing platform with the main CRM engine to provide seamless auto and predictive dial capabilities.

This solution can be run in a hosted configuration or built into the PowerToolsCRM Appliance to run within your organization. Features include:

  • Supports unlimited numbers of leads and campaigns
  • Provides realtime status and disposition information to PowerToolsCRM for Realtime analytics.
  • Provides shared conference rooms, with monitoring and recording capability.
  • Supports both standard Phones (with hardware support) or Softphone based handsets.
  • Supports IVR and outbound voice messaging.
  • Support inbound calling queues.
  • Supports click to dial, auto dial, and predictive dial methods
  • and much more...

    Scheduled for Release 1Q 2007