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Manage and Fill Contract Documents Online
PowerToolsCRM can generate the product and location specific service agreements needed to initiate orders for telecom services. These contracts normally include Letter of Agency, PIC Freeze, PIC & LPIC selection, specific product agreements and promotional agreements. The system can be customized to add additional agreements that are used by the partner, for example, for equipment sales, etc.

Document Library

All document templates are loaded into the online document library. There are three types of templates.
  • Dynamic Templates have HTML documents associated with them and can be filled manually online OR prepopulated from the Order Wizard.
  • Native Templates are complex documents in EXCEL or MSWord formats that are filled natively (using World or EXCEL) but are saved back to the portal.
  • Soft Templates are not hardcopy documents but are used to hold carrier specific pricing information or to implement specific Order Wizard interfaces. These would be used to implement a specialized Order Wizard for a specific carrier or campaign.

Order Wizard Contract Generation

The Order Wizard implements a multipage interface that not only provides quoting but provides the facility to collect all pertinent information for generating the required order documents.
  • The interface for the Order Wizard forms is not carrier specific but gathers general telecom information.
  • The wizard then prepopulates the specific contracts necessary for implementation.
  • The contracts can be prepopulated with electronic signature information and supported with Call Recording or Third Party Verification
  • The contract can also be signed electronically using the ePad eSignature device for face to face sales reps.
  • The contracts can be eFaxed, eMailed or printed for delivery to the potential customer.


  • The Order Wizard provides a single interface that can be used by all selling methods to generate quotes & contracts, ensuring a single point of quality control.
  • Prepopulated contracts reduce errors and are can be modified and retransmitted with no loss of quality.
  • The Document Library provides a convenient online source for up to date contracts for all sellers wherever they may be.
  • Complex carrier contracts can be edited natively but managed online.
  • Agent contracts can be imported into the system for customized implementations.