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PowerToolsCRM Carrier Support
PowerToolsCRM seeks to automate the sales process for agents of many of the major carriers on a single platform, providing both sales acceleration and cost savings to help telecom agents become more successful. Our development schedule includes the following carriers:
  • Bellsouth
    Our initial implementation for Bellsouth agents began in 2003. We provide one of the only integration platforms that provides online quoting, prepopulated contracts and email/efax integration in a single web based tool, while integrating directly into SalesExpert, Bellsouth's Online Ordering tool to accelerate order submission.
  • AT&T
    Though AT&T has purchased BellSouth, systems and processes differ in each AT&T Region. Our AT&T Implementation focuses on the SBC (MOKAT) & Midwest Regions so far, but will expand to cover all 5 existing regions by 1Q 2007. This is an ongoing development project, the first beta of which is due Nov,1, 2006.
  • Embarq
    We hope to automate the Embarq sales process across its entire territory to provide agents an easy to use online tool that makes it easy to sell Embarq products and services. This is an active development project that will be widely available Mid 2007.

Multiple Carriers, One Platform
The PowerToolCRM Platform will support multiple carriers on the same platform, allowing for Master Agents with multiple carrier relationships to use one tool to automate their telecom sales processes.

The platform will be sold with support for one carrier. There will be an additional fee required for each additional carrier.

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